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Claim Reconciliation

Increase your pharmacy’s cash flow and save time with a smarter approach to electronic claim reconciliation

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Our claim reconciliation solution provides an efficient and cost-effective way to track and recover payments to your pharmacy from third-party payers. 

  • Automated, claim-level electronic reconciliation 
  • Improve cash flow and claims visibility
  • Save time through process automation

Reconciling your claims and managing your third-party receivables is crucial in today’s industry. However, most community pharmacies do not have the time or resources to reconcile every transaction—resulting in loss of revenue that could impact cash flow.  Our solution automatically goes after payment up to 2 weeks earlier than competing programs in order to recover missing payments, ensure timeliness of payment and increase cash flow.

Our solution automatically tracks your payment at the claim level and re­covers all missing and short payments to the penny—ensuring a truly hassle-free and automated process for your pharmacy.

Unpaid and short-paid claims are automatically tracked on your aging report until the full balance is recovered.  Plus, you can rest-assured that our solution does not write-off payments unless specifically discussed with your pharmacy.

With technology today, your pharmacy should have a fast electronic solution to reconcile third party payments. The claims reconciliation process can take hours daily, if done manually. We are able to automate this process and track unpaid claims and missing checks electronically to save you time and resources. Our solution holds third party payers responsible for paying your pharmacy in a timely manner, ensuring that you recoup your money faster. 

Our reconciliation tool offers various financial reports to assist you with understanding your pharmacy’s accounts receivable reporting and reconciliation history, including DIR fees at the transaction and payment level.

Graph made of pillsReporting available:

  • Aging Detail—view outstanding unpaid and partial paid claims
  • Pending Checks—tracks payments in route to your pharmacy 
  • Remittance Detail— view claim detail for received payments

Get even more visibility into your financial data with robust search functions that allow you to search for specific claims and checks. For your convenience, all status updates and correspondence with third-party payers is documented and can be easily accessed through our online dashboard. 

Our state-of-the-art claims reconciliation tool is easy-to-use and accessible to any community pharmacy. 

  • No software to install
  • No specific software or pharmacy management system required
  • User-friendly website
  • Online dashboard with real-time data
  • Single Pay® feature available for pharmacies looking for Central Pay Model

We also provide you with the option to download your 835 remittance files online at no additional cost.


Save time with automated claim reconcilation

Improve cash flow and claims visibility

User-friendly website

Single Pay® option for pharmacies looking for Central Pay Model

No software to install


No specific software or pharmacy management system needed

Online dashboard with real-time data