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Nursing Home Consultations System

The Nursing Home Consultations System (NHCS) is a comprehensive Consulting Pharmacist application that is both integrated and modular in design.

You may choose to run the Nursing Home Consultations program directly from the Nursing Home Menu within Rx30, or put it on a laptop to take to your nursing facilities.

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Reporting capabilities of the Nursing Home Consultations are as flexible as you need for them to be. The NHCS has a built-in limited report writer that allows you to customize your reports. You can also print out a checklist, before leaving the pharmacy with your laptop, to check for facility adherence for compliance and write up observations. You may then transfer the data back to your main Rx30 Pharmacy system. There is also a handy one key toggle function that allows you to alternate between the notes window and the Rx profile window for easy scanning manually.

Working with nursing homes?

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Screen patient profiles for:




Tracking Lab Values


Scanning for DUR and Dosage Alerts


User Defined Irregularity Definitions


Free Hand Notes


Up to 10 Homes at a Time


Lab Tracking

Converting our stores to Rx30 was one of the best business decisions we ever made. It has given me and my staff the tools to excel as health care professionals and successful profit centers.

Rx30’s workflow component has made for a safer environment and incorporating the POS system allowed our clerks to feel like more productive members of the team. This has made us more efficient and has taken workload from our technicians and pharmacists.

Dr Patrick J Petti