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Our IV module is a perfect compliment to our robust retail prescription filling software.

Fully Integrated

This module is just another well-integrated piece of the Rx30 puzzle. Make your refills no harder than a regular refill.

Easy to Learn

Not only will the module make you faster, but it’s a breeze to learn and incorporate in your daily routine.

When we considered updating our Rx and POS systems we looked no farther than Rx30. Rx30 has everything you can think of and more, with great customer service also. We will never change systems again. Rx30 is a system for the present and the future!

Ken Delay


Integrated into the software utilizing much of the same touch, feel and keystrokes involved with Rx30’s retail prescription filling, you will be amazed at the consistency and simplicity of filling IV orders.

In a clear, concise manner, Rx30’s IV fill screen will prompt you to indicate the type of IV you will be creating, to name (or simply bring in a saved template – a great time saver!), indicate the route of administration, therapy days, # of containers/bags, dosage amounts, Dr’s orders, Directions, and more. You will then be prompted to enter the ingredients for mixing your IV, any ancillary items needed, and any insurance exception billing that may be required for specific items.

Additionally, various menu items allow you to enter the mixing instructions, driver delivery instructions, therapeutic monitoring and scheduling your IV for future delivery.

As you can see, Rx30 has all the tools necessary to compliment your business, and best of all — it takes minutes to learn and use!