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Clinical Services

Our Clinical Services division drives patient adherence and revenue to your pharmacy!

Personalized clinical care is the future of pharmacy, and Rx30 is equipped to take you into the future. With exclusive tools and services, Rx30 helps you take patient care to the next level.

Clinical Call Center, powered by Enhanced Medication Services

Managed by certified pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, Enhanced Medication Services (EMS) supplements your current clinical outreach efforts by working with eligible patients to create the best possible outcomes. EMS enhances your pharmacy’s performance by improving adherence rates, increasing revenue opportunities and improving patient health. Plus, enrollment is FREE. 

Clinical 360°

Clinical 360° is a free, integrated solution that will help you provide better patient outcomes while giving you access to additional revenue opportunities through payer-funded, clinical interventions provided by Rx30’s clinical services team. 


Integrated drug to gene therapy, provides a targeted approach to finding a patient’s best medications.  With a simple cheek swab, you can offer your patients a unique medication experience, improve their quality of life, and reduce the cost of healthcare. This service is a unique, first to market approach to personalized patient care available exclusively to Rx30 users, creating an automated collaborative approach with your physicians.


StarGuard™ Plus

StarGuard™ Plus provides a simplified and streamlined approach to working Mirixa™ and OutcomesMTM™ cases. In addition, it can also be used to minimize DIR and other clawback fees by helping to reduce the number of patients with issues that trigger increased fees. 

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