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Medication Therapy Management + STAR Rating Management ALL IN ONE!

We’ve all heard talk of MTM for years. The stumbling blocks have always been lack of real revenue, difficult to implement, space/manpower constraints and uncertain clinical documentation processes. Only the determined few were able to see it through and successfully implement MTM in their pharmacies!

Rx30 Acquires vMEDEX, Strengthening Clinical Services Division and Product Offering

vMedex Press Release

MTM is now simple, sophisticated and reality!

Everything has changed! Rx30’s MTM / STAR program has automated so many of the difficult processes.

MTM SIMPLIFIED! Forget the concerns of ‘This is a long, tedious process’, ‘How do I document it?’ and ‘How do I identify patients/opportunities?’ Rx30’s new MTM/STAR program practically automates the entire process for you!

Going above and beyond, our new STAR Guard feature also lays over the top of the MTM program to catch even more plan/patient therapies that cause STAR rating concerns and presents them directly to you! You’ll quickly see that Rx30 has got your adherence / STAR rating back!


Automated Patient Feed Directly into Rx30 from Mirixa / Outcomes and STAR Guard!


Click on the patient(s) you’d like to work on…..and the MTM program takes you directly to their MTM Opportunities


Automatically creates the necessary documentation/verbiage/action


Automatically generates the communication reports


Soon! - Full automation directly back into Mirixa/Outcomes for payment!

Automation is key.

Don’t spend your time chasing opportunities, let them come to you.

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