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Central Site - Your answer to sharing data.

If you operate in a multi-store environment and desire to share data across your stores like most large chain operations,  Central Site is for you!

It’s new, it’s affordable, it’s innovative, it’s Rx30’s new ‘Central Site’!

Central Site offers immediate data replication across your multiple store locations.

Add a new patient, Doctor, Rx, Third party plan, etc. at an individual store or at the ‘Central Site’ server, and in a matter of seconds that information is available throughout your chain.

Do you have multiple locations?

If you’re thinking about Rx30 for your multi-location pharmacy, check out our industry highlights.
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If the Central Site server is down for any reason, each individual store is still operational, as usual.

Rx30’s unique data replication feature essentially creates immediate multiple backups of all data for the chain. Each store has independency and does not rely on a central database for operations.

Rx30 has built in full management capability at the Central Site management location. Full management capability across all stores, price, drug, third party, reporting management ability – it’s all there.

Your data, everywhere, in an instant.

You can’t be everywhere at all times, but there is no reason to think your data can’t.

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