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With AdviseRx you have another intelligent tool at your disposal.

Ever wish you had just a little more cost/profit intelligence built into your pharmacy system? Rx30’s AdviseRx brings that intelligence directly into your prescription fill screen, right at the point of dispensing!

While some systems will tell you that you should order a certain drug from a specific wholesaler because it’s the cheapest drug to order, that’s only bringing you one side of the cost/profit equation! AdviseRx looks at both the cost of the drug you are dispensing AND the reimbursement history you’ve received for that drug as well as other equivalents, for that specific payer, to ‘ADVISE’ you at the point of dispensing that there may be a more profitable drug or package size choice for the prescription. It’s simply built-in intelligence to help maximize your profitability!

You’ll love having the comfort of knowing that your pharmacy system is working behind the scenes to maximize your margins!

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