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Medication Synchronization

The world of Pharmacy Practice Management is now focused entirely on performance measurement and patient outcomes. A valuable Rx30 tool in driving patient adherence and better outcomes is Medication Synchronization!

Medication Synchronization simply coordinates the end dates of a patient’s prescriptions so that there is one, possibly two dates during the month where the patient will pick up ALL of their prescriptions.

It stands to reason that a patient is much more likely to remember their refills if they all fall due on the same day each month. The likely and intended outcome is to drive better patient compliance in taking their medications, thereby improving clinical outcomes.

Medication Synchronization image

Rx30 Adherence reporting is also a valuable tool, as it can clearly show whether Synchronized patients are more adherent than non-Synchronized patients.

Rx30’s new Medication Synchronization program:


Gathers all of the patient’s qualifying prescriptions and assists you in picking a common synchronization date (or dates).


Automates the entire short fill / adjudication process to get the patient immediately synchronized going forward.


Notifies you, with every new prescription/refill, whether that patient is currently participating in your Sync. Program, while giving you one touch access to add or view Synced prescriptions.


It’s that simple!


One pickup date

Increased Adherence