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LifeLine Direct Connect

Fast is what we do.


Online Claim Adjudication in 1 - 3 seconds.

You can choose any form of internet connectivity (DSL, Cable, Satellite, ISDN, T1, Dial-up, etc.) to connect thru Lifeline.


Add a New Drug to Your Database in 1 - 3 seconds.

With complete First Databank drug information available at your fingertips, you never again wait for weekly or monthly dial in updates.

Want to see how fast you can go?

Find out how much faster LifeLine can make your pharmacy.

What is LifeLine?

This service is a full time, direct internet connection between your pharmacy and our corporate office at Transaction Data Systems, Inc. in Orlando, Florida. Full time connectivity offers Rx30 stores several significant advantages during your day to day activities.

It is fast, secure, reliable, and operates smoothly in the background to provide you a significant new avenue to both make and save valuable time and money. Combine Rx30’s powerful prescription processing with the connectivity assets of Lifeline and we think you will agree this is the way a pharmacy system should work!

Daily drug file updates!

Know that when a drug file update hits the market, it hits your store. Automatically.

NPI/DEA Database

Add a new Doctor, with their NPI, DEA and even SureScript Provider ID # …in seconds.


Direct Communication

Receive product updates, enhancements, messages, etc.

Outbound Emails

Outbound customer emails are managed directly on our lifeline server, for you.