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Make a daunting task, surprisingly simple.

Rx30’s technical strength is clearly evident in our ability to convert the data from most competitive pharmacy management systems, over to your new Rx30 Pharmacy System! While many pharmacy vendors outsource data conversions, our in-house implementation team are experts at extracting useful data from your old pharmacy system, formatting it into Rx30, and then guiding you through the entire implementation process.

Up-to-the-minute conversion, so you don’t miss a beat.

The Solution, Pre-Conversion

Our Pre-Conversion process takes all of the fear and anxiety out of switching pharmacy systems.

Upon signing on with Rx30, our implementation team will complete a preliminary conversion of your existing pharmacy system’s data, format the data for Rx30 and load it into your new Rx30 server. At that point, you are still ‘live’ on your old pharmacy system, but you now have a snapshot of all of your data in your new Rx30 system.

You can now examine the converted data, practice maneuvering in and around the Rx30 software, add data, delete data….it is now your practice Rx30 system!

Our conversion team works throughout the night to convert your final data and prepare your new Rx30 system for ‘go-live’ with an Rx30 trainer on-site the next morning.

Once you’re comfortable with the idea of going ‘live’, our implementation team will then perform a ‘final’ conversion of your pharmacy’s data immediately after business hours the night prior to your ‘live’ date.

The purpose of the final conversion is to bring all of your data up to the minute you’ve closed, eliminating the need to re-enter any lost data.

Converting to a new system has historically been a challenging and stressful time. We believe that you’ll be pleasantly at ease with our unyielding commitment to get your pharmacy off to a great start – and it begins with the dedication of our implementation team.

For me, Rx30 is the best. Our data conversion went smoothly and we like having a system that stays in front of the new technology in pharmacy. Yordy Ponce de Leon


Looking for a good escape plan?

The idea of changing systems may seem daunting, but the team at Rx30 do it every day.
If you’re looking for a way out, we have your escape plan.

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