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Time to cut the wires?

With Rx30 Sign the wires are gone. Obtain your digital signature anywhere.

Rx30 Sign for iPad is the signature capture interface for independent pharmacies.

Track the date and time a script was picked up as well as the required signatures to ensure compliance with federal, state government and insurance company regulations. Rx30 Sign will work for any prescription marked for pickup in the Rx30 Pharmacy System.

iPad Optimized

Rx30 Sign has been optimized to use the Apple iPad and App Store system.

Track delivery date & time

Tracking your delivery’s couldn’t be simpler with specific date and times saved.

Say goodbye to wires

Perfect for drive-thru windows or bringing directly to your elderly patient.


Acquire necessary signatures

Ensure compliance with digital signature capture on the go.

Happy customer, happy pharmacist.

If you’re looking for ways to cut the cord, this isn’t a bad place to start.

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