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Delivery, in the 21st century.

The days of pen, paper and inefficiency are over. Introducing Rx30 Delivery.

Rx30 Delivery for iPad is the premier delivery management system for independent pharmacies.

Track the date and time of delivery, collect payment information and acquire delivery and other signatures to ensure compliance with federal, state government and insurance company regulations.

Simply create a manifest in your Rx30 Pharmacy System and export it to Rx30 Delivery. During the delivery, if an active data connection is available, get turn-by-turn directions from your current location to the next delivery stop with a single tap. Once the courier returns to the store, all data captured by Rx30 Delivery is wirelessly synced back into Rx30.

iPad Optimized

DeliveryRx has been optimized to use the Apple iPad and App Store system.

Turn-by-turn Directions

With active internet connection, your driver will have turn-by-turn directions to their next stop.

Track delivery date & time

Tracking your delivery’s couldn’t be simpler with specific date and times saved.

Collect Payment Information

Collect payment information on the go! This is both convenient for you and your patients.


Acquire necessary signatures

Ensure compliance with digital signature capture on the go.

Optimize your delivery route

Move your delivery service into the 21st century with our fully integrated Rx30 Delivery App.
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