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Mobile refilling, in their pocket.

The smartphone market is exploding and we have an app for you.

We Rethought Everything

RefillRx on iPhone and Android Devices

RefillRx provides a one tap solution for refilling your prescriptions.

Simply scan the barcode on your prescription bottle and watch as RefillRx sends the request to your local participating pharmacy.

If a barcode is not available you can also enter the Rx number for your prescription and search for your pharmacy by entering the phone number.

Download RefillRx today and get peace of mind that your refills will be waiting for you on our next visit to the pharmacy.

Mobile Optimized

RefillRx has been developed for use on iPhone and Android devices. It is offered as a free app for all users.

Rebuilt From the Inside Out

RefillRx has seen three versions. Each time we create a new version, we add new features and functionality.

Free Download

Your patients will always be able to download RefillRx from their app stores and submit refills at no charge.

24-Hour Refills

Patients can submit a refill anytime they want. Please note, you must have your system online and LifeLine connected.

Simplicity, by design.

Keeping the app simple, yet powerful, is our goal. We want to make refills simple.

Complimentary Website

RefillRx Mobile is joined on the internet by RefillRx.com to facilitate refills anywhere.

Great Feedback

Our iPhone and Android apps have been well received by patients and pharmacies.

Barcode Scanner

Refill a script in seconds by scanning the barcode on your bottle. That’s it.

It's a market too large to ignore.

With an estimated 224 million US smartphone users in 2017, RefillRx is your way in.

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