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Specialty Pharmacy

Specialty pharmacies are somewhat distinct from the traditional retail pharmacy.

A Specialty pharmacy is typically involved in the efficient delivery of medications that might require special handling and delivery, with a focus on collaborating and coordinating care for the patient. The emphasis is to guide and educate the patient by putting together a care plan to help ensure medication adherence and thereby improving patient outcomes.

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The Rx30 Pharmacy Management System is pleased to be providing our products/services to some of the biggest Specialty Pharmacies in the country.

While Rx30 is not specifically designed as a ‘Specialty Pharmacy’ system, our willingness and readiness to adapt Rx30 to specific Specialty Pharmacy needs are a strength that many Specialty Pharmacy organizations have recognized as a valuable asset to their operations.

Rx30 easily handles the output demands of high volume

specialty pharmacies and works very well as the hub of activities in this very fast paced environment.

We look forward to discussing your requirements and how Rx30 can accommodate your pharmacies Needs!