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Single Store Locations

We are particularly proud to service this market segment.

A large percentage of Rx30’s installed customer base is made up of Single Store Independent Pharmacies.

We are particularly proud to service this market segment, as it most often signifies a shining example of entrepreneurial spirit, most often created and run in a family owned and operated environment. For most of us, this is what we have always considered living ‘The American Dream’! We come from similar roots, so it is with great pride that we solely dedicate our efforts to working hand in hand with our independent stores to always keep them one step ahead of the competition!

Trying to keep up

In today’s environment, the small guy has a pretty monumental task in trying to keep up with the big chain stores and that’s where the real value of Rx30 comes in. You are NOT alone! Our singular focus is to always keep you on the cutting edge of pharmacy technology…AND COMPETITIVE WITH THE CHAINS! As important, we recognize that system and maintenance costs can be critical to a single site location and you’ll be extremely pleased that Rx30 ‘GETS IT’ when it comes to knowing these aspects of your business!

Rx30 is truly the dedicated, reliable business partner that will look out for your future!

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