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Multiple Independent Pharmacies?

We work to keep your information accessible from all locations.

Multiple Pharmacy locations many times have very different needs from a single store standalone pharmacy.

Whether you have 2 stores or 200 stores, Rx30 has the solution for you…..we call it Central Site!

One of the key requirements to multi-site pharmacies is the ability to accurately and efficiently MANAGE your entire operation centrally. Rx30’s Central Site functionality gives you all of the tools to do just that!


Run performance reporting across your stores


Look at specific inventory levels across the chain


Share data across the chain in real-time


Perform automatic store transfers


Provide central fill functionality


Centrally reconcile accounts receivable across your chain

Rx30’s Central Site stands ready to partner with you!

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Make your data accessible at all your locations.

Central Site offers immediate data replication across your multiple store locations. Add a new patient, Doctor, Rx, Third party plan, etc. at an individual store or at the ‘Central Site’ server, and in a matter of seconds that information is available throughout your chain.