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Hospital Outpatient Pharmacy

Rx30 is eager to partner with your healthcare facility and components that streamline your operations.

The Challenge

More and more hospital facilities have been investigating the financial and economic feasibility of opening and running their own Hospital Outpatient Pharmacies. In many cases, the positive financial impact to the Health care facility is significant…and hard to ignore!

Rx30 has had tremendous success in working successfully with many large hospital organizations over the past 4 years or so, and has added quite a bit of customization to the core Rx30 retail independent prescription processing system to become a strong player in the Hospital outpatient segment.

The Solution

Rx30 has a well-qualified consulting relationship that can help guide your Hospital outpatient pharmacy down the road to success and we’d love to talk with you in detail to learn more about your business!

Rx30 is eager to partner with your healthcare facility in providing components that streamline your operations, such as:


Integrating with your ADT system


Providing searchable Medical Record Number fields inside Rx30


Handling multiple virtual inventories (340b, Own Use, Retail, etc.)


Time sensitive workflow with specific employee role based queues


Streamlining e-scripts and more!