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Compounding made simple

We assist hundreds of compounding pharmacists accomplish their dispensing needs.

Compound Pharmacy is another area of concentration that has gained traction within the independent pharmacy marketplace over the last several years.

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Compounding involves combining one or more active ingredients into a customized treatment for an individual patient’s needs. Rx30’s compounding module is completely integrated within the Rx30 core prescription processing module and is designed for simplicity of use, yet with all of the tools and sophistication to handle the specific billing, tracking and dispensing requirements that make compound pharmacy unique in operation.

Rx30 is pleased to assist hundreds of compounding pharmacists accomplish their dispensing needs through the Rx30 platform.


Creating Compounds

Individual Ingredient Entry


Ingredient Lot # Tracking


Compound Templates

Third Party Billing Requirements and Documentation

Also of note, Rx30 is one of the few software vendors to integrate with the PK Software compounding program, which gives our stores even greater flexibility when using that popular NCPA endorsed platform.

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