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Rx30’s Virtual Pharmacist

Virtual Pharmacist unlocks the power of automation for your pharmacy.

Rx30’s Virtual Pharmacist functionality represents one of the best automation tools that Rx30 has to offer – complete automation of the refill process!

This automatically scans your refill queue every single minute, working to automatically fill, adjudicate and print labels for refill requests that have come into your queue – all in the background as you go about your day!

In the old days, you’d have to manually scan the queues every so often, just to make sure you didn’t forget about refill requests that came in from outside of the normal data entry process – NOT anymore. Not using Virtual Pharmacist!

That’s not all, If you have patients that are on ‘Auto-Fill’ prescriptions or maybe you’ve queued and future dated prescriptions for submittal at a later date, well, Rx30’s Virtual Pharmacist can automate that too!

It’s the power of automation working in the background, acting as if you actually have another pharmacist working on your behalf! You’ll love the power and benefits that this service brings to your workflow processes!

Virtual Pharmacist image

There are many ways to electronically receive refill requests into your Rx30 Pharmacy system, such as:

IVR phone refills

Internet refills through Rx30’s RefillRx.com

Smartdevice refills using Rx30’s RefillRx Mobile

Text refills using Rx30’s TextRx application

Data entry through Rx30’s easy ‘Refill Requestor’ application

All of these prescription refill requests go directly into the Refill Queue inside your Rx30 system – and this is where Virtual Pharmacist goes to work!