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Technology available today offers many exciting potential opportunities for pharmacies.

The Rx30 Pharmacy System is the pioneer in offering all of our customers NO CHARGE access to RefillRx.com,
allowing many advantages to both your customers and your pharmacy.

As more and more people utilize home computers and have a working understanding of the internet, the ability to offer your customers access to your pharmacy and the capability to refill their prescriptions from home will become a critical competitive necessity. Rx30 offers this service to our pharmacies today… RefillRx.com

It’s exclusively for Rx30 independent pharmacies and it’s FREE!

Want your own website?

If a dedicated internet presence is important for your business, we offer pharmacy websites with refilling fully integrated.


View scripts online

Your patients can view prescription profiles and status’ of their medications from the comfort of their homes.


Patient Education

Your patients have access to view and print full patient education materials.

Email Reminders

To help with patient adherence, patients can opt-in to receive refill reminders through emails.


24-Hour Access

With your system on, patients will have 24-hour access.


Direct Email

Patients can email you directly through RefillRx.com


Pharmacy Control

Use your store control panel to manage your profile.

Store Details

Patients can view store hours, specials and pharmacy coupons.