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Your patients have always trusted your expertise and clinical judgment. Now, your dedication and customer focused outlook will win a grateful customer for life!

A little effort can return a large result in your patient’s life.

What is Rx30 FreeRx?

As you know, free manufacturer medication programs ARE available for your patients in need! Prior to Rx30 FreeRx, the process of sifting through hundreds of varying manufacturer application forms and tedious data entry tasks made the process of applying for free manufacturer medication programs difficult and time consuming…at best!

NO MORE!! With Rx30’s NEW ‘Exclusive’ FreeRx program, your patients will know that your pharmacy is the ONE pharmacy that cares enough to be a partner in providing them the automation, tools and immediate access to the medications they so badly need… but simply can’t afford.

It’s simple! Just four steps.


Rx30 will automatically indicate drugs that are available as part of free drug patient assistance programs.


A simple click on the drug will find the proper drug specific manufacturer application form.


The form is then auto-populated by your Rx30 Pharmacy System...minus a couple of patient required details and doctor signature.


Simply print the form for your patient and your patient will be well on their way to getting the medications they need.... because of YOU!!

Always a patient advocate, only easier.

Your patient’s health is always priority one. We’ve made it easier to help.
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