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Enhanced Workflow

Rx30 has recently put the finishing touches on our Enhanced Workflow Management System. While many vendors charge for a workflow program of this caliber, Rx30 offers it simply as a ‘FREE’ optional feature for you and your staff to consider.

The goal of utilizing an enhanced workflow management system is to streamline work, eliminate potential dispensing/processing errors and to have 100% traceability of anything and everything in the pharmacy.

Take a look at some of Rx30’s Enhanced Workflow features:


Immediate ‘DASHBOARD’ work queues.


LIVE workflow

The most immediately due work is always at the top of the work queue.



Integrates with various packaging machines


Work Queues

IF you prefer to assign specific staff to specific work areas (i.e. e-prescriptions, mail, retail, and waiters) you can easily set it up and work from those specific queues.


Print On-Demand

Whereas Rx30 used to mandate label printing, Patient education printing and other materials at claim adjudication, it’s now completely under your control as to when things print in the workflow process!


Automated Return to Stock functionality


All new layout

Redesigned workflow screens that mimic the layout of the written prescription.


Fully scanner ready

For both document scanning and barcode scanning.


Full Tracking

Rx30 workflow gives immediate ‘status’ access to any prescription, whether it just arrived at the pharmacy or was finished months ago.


Scan verification

Verify that what you are dispensing matches what has been dispensed in Rx30.


Time Sensitivity

System set-up options to give your patients delivery expectations and your staff work queues to complete that work ON TIME!


Handles partial fills and owed quantities

These are just some of the exciting features built into your Rx30 workflow program. As we said, it’s free, it’s optional and it’s an outstanding productivity tool that will have your patients knowing that your pharmacy is organized, streamlined and error proof!

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