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Custom label Design

The Challenge

Are you ready to change pharmacy systems but worried about losing the label brand identity that you’ve developed with your customers over the years? With Rx30, your worries are gone! We can create a custom label for your pharmacy.

Custom Label -image

The Solution

Rx30 gives you the best of all worlds. You can keep your existing label supplier and stock, have Rx30 format the text to your specifications, and transition to your new Rx30 label without your customers even realizing that you’ve changed pharmacy systems! Our dedicated label department has one responsibility, make sure your label is done to your satisfaction!

When you sign on, we will request samples of the label that you would prefer to use with Rx30. We will format the label with two modifications at no charge – just to make sure we get it right for you!

The transition to Rx30 was very easy. We love all of Rx30’s user options, especially the ease of running reports

Kelly Odom


Your label, updated.

Same familiar look or brand new layout, it’s up to you!

Custom Label Design

Your current layout remains familiar to your patients.

No Cost

Getting your label designed is a no cost value added service.


Double Check

Double check our work with two free label modifications.

Turnkey Process

Point us in the right direction and we take care of everything.