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Transaction Data Systems

Developer of the Rx30 Pharmacy Management System

Laser Focus

Pharmacy software isn’t a division of our company, it is the foundation of our company.

Forward Thinking

We don’t play catch up, we work everyday to anticipate the needs of the industry.

Problem Solvers

Where some see a problem, we see opportunity to drive the pharmacy industry forward.

Customer Support

Pharmacies are the lifeblood of our business and we dedicate our focus to customer support.

The Pharmacy Management System

The Rx30 Pharmacy Management System is the preferred choice of pharmacists today who demand a comprehensive pharmacy computer system that is built for speed, accuracy and functionality. For over 38 years, Rx30 has been the innovative leader in streamlining the processes and procedures that are so critical to a Pharmacist’s daily productivity. Whether your focus is independent retail pharmacy, small retail chain pharmacy, nursing home, nursing home consulting, compounding, or IV processing… Rx30 has all the tools to make your job easier!

With an experienced development staff, centered around both pharmacists and computer programmers, you can feel comfortable knowing that Rx30 has the knowledge and expertise to assure that your pharmacy software system will always be one step ahead of the rest! In short, our business is KNOWING your business!

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Years in Business

Transaction Data Systems (TDS) was founded in January, 1977.

Although the original focus was high end data communications software to the Airline reservation industry and Automated Teller Systems, TDS quickly found it’s calling in the Pharmacy software dispensing market. In 1980, a local Florida pharmacy was looking to automate their daily processing activities… and Rx30 was born!

For the past 38 years, Rx30 has been dedicated solely to the success of Independent Pharmacy. Today, Rx30 is proud to claim over 4,700 pharmacies that utilize our software for their prescription filling/management needs. With systems in all 50 states, ranging from Alaska to Hawaii and down to the Virgin Islands – Rx30 is an unquestioned leader in Independent Pharmacy Management Software. There’s never been a better time to join the Rx30 family!