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Clinical 360°

Included in our core services, Clinical 360° is a free, integrated solution that will help you provide better patient outcomes while giving you access to additional revenue opportunities through payer-funded, clinical interventions provided by Rx30’s clinical services team.


Integrated Revenue Opportunities

With Clinical 360°, new clinical revenue opportunities are provided directly within the Rx30 Pharmacy System and your normal prescription dispensing workflow.

As you process prescriptions, Rx30 will alert you when new clinical opportunities are available. With a simple click you can see how much revenue you can earn with an opportunity and the effort level involved for completion.

You can easily choose how and when the intervention should be completed or opt-out a patient for future alerts.


Your Clinical Services Team

As a pharmacist and business owner, your time is always in short supply. With this program, you can choose to complete an intervention yourself when time permits or you can easily assign the opportunity to our qualified clinical services team to complete on your behalf. You still earn some revenue without sacrificing valuable time!

Clinical 360° Portal

The Clinical 360° Web Portal offers centralized and streamlined management of your payer-funded clinical opportunities for single or multiple locations. 

In addition to the options available within the Rx30 Pharmacy System, the Clinical 360° portal provides:

  • A searchable, full-scale view of all available opportunities.
  • Preferences and user settings for payer-funded programs and multiple store locations.
  • Comprehensive financial reporting including pending payments, settled payments and total monthly earnings.

For more information on this program, call 800-289-7930.

Clinical 360° Pharmacy