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  Document Storage/Management!
We call it DocuStorRx. You can now use your existing Rx30 hardcopy Rx scanners to scan, store and retrieve all kinds of documents, including driver's licenses, insurance cards, lab values, etc. You enjoy the flexibility and ease of use in scanning, storing in different folders, taking notes, ease of retrieval, etc. For a complete demo, log into the Rx30 User's section.
  New Security Levels!
Rx30 has now added Security groups so that you can simply assign staff to pre-defined, yet flexible security classifications. You can custom create your own security group settings, give then whatever names you wish and always have them available to quickly and simply add new staff. For a demonstration of this new feature, log into the Rx30 User's section.
  Deferring Prescriptions!
You may now defer prescriptions for filling at a future date…for both new fills or refills. It works great with Virtual Rph!
  SmartPhone Refills!
Take your Android or iPhone and go to the App store. Plug in the keyword 'RefillRx Mobile' and download your new ‘free' smartphone refill app. Your customers will love the convenience of simply scanning their medication bottle at home for instant refill request submission! This product is a perfect compliment to your ‘Free' website!
You've had outbound emails and calling for a while now… but now you can also choose outbound texting as an option for your patients! You can choose to text on-command or set up customers for auto-text. To learn how this feature works, log into the Rx30 user section to view a tutorial.
  Webinar Presentations/User Meetings!!
Watch your email for Rx30 Webinar presentation/user meeting invitations!
Rx30 is now providing user meetings via the internet. On a quarterly basis we will be emailing you with detail of when the next meeting is, and how you log in to attend. We will also use email to keep you updated on the latest Rx30 enhancements/additions. Simply a new tool to keep our stores informed of the latest!