Pharmacy Focused, Solution Centric

Market Leader in Connecting Community Pharmacy 

Rx30, as part of Transaction Data Systems, is the innovative leader of seamlessly integrated pharmacy management solutions. 

Pharmacy Centric System

Rx30's exclusive central pharmacy solution, goes beyond connecting the pharmacy management and point of sale system to integrating business and clinical operations in one complete, end to end solution.

  • Streamline your business with customizable workflow and inventory management tools centered on prescription processing. 
  • Automate and expedite prescription processing and optimize medication synchronization.
  • Integrated point-of-sale offers a seamless solution with in-store, drive-thru, curbside and delivery options.
  • Enhance patient engagement and outreach with patient apps and outbound communication.

Solutions for all Pharmacy Types

Independent pharmacies come in all shapes and sizes. The Rx30 pharmacy management system has everything you need to reach your pharmacy goals, from central site management for multiple locations to bedside and delivery applications for nursing homes and hospitals. Whether your goal is to increase patient engagement at your community pharmacy, expand into a specialty pharmacy, or add value to your hospital system, Rx30 has the tools you need. 

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